SieMatic has been considered the best manufacturer of kitchen furniture in Germany for more than 70 years!  Elaborated details provide new opportunities for your kitchen arrangement. SieMatic uses the top-notch facilities like built-in multi-media systems, the Internet connection, multi-functional lighting, the unique water filtration system and many more. The design of Siematic kitchens is created by world-famous designers
This is entirely handmade and presents the minimum of convertible luxury. RENE LALIQUE creations are distinguishable not by carat weight but by its fine art.
Who knows which Lalique items might attract collectors and find their way to Christie's as the years go by! Price of Lalique items will only increase. These are the true pieces of fine art!
Daum Crystal creations are world-renowned and highly valued by collectors for excellence. Since 1878 Daum have been crafting mastery of pate de verre invented by French artisan Jean Daum and noted for exotic combination of fine details and subtle contouring. Daum crystals are hand-made limited editions. Each single piece produced becomes a rariry at once.  A part of Daum masterpieces were made using designs of Arman and Сеzar, Dali and Dubreucq, Mc Connico, Lalanne and Cocteau.
HAVILAND – Limoges porcelain, which is called „White Limoges Gold“, features bright colours and extreme whiteness. Haviland today remains one of the oldest and most desirable European porcelain manufacturers.
Haviland china sets often become family collectible pieces...
Haviland has also gained a title of the “presidential porcelain” – the US presidents Lincoln and Roosevelt succumbed to the charm of this exceptional French porcelain.
Over 70 years attempts were made to revive the iconic FABERGE identity, and in the year of 1989 a jeweller Herbert Mohr-Meyer from Pforzheim in Germany, obtained the licence to manufacture brand-engraved Faberge jewellery. Mayer’s family creative works embrace four periods. A founder of dynasty Victor Mayer successfully competed with Carl Faberge on the World’s Fair in Paris in 1900.
You have an opportunity to purchase from our salon remarkable stunning sculptures made from bronze and glass by French sculptor Ives Lohe. The master imbues his bronzes with the poetry of glass creating the unique combinations of light, colour and bronze forms. Ives Lohe’s bronze today is exhibited in the most prestigious galleries world-wide, both national and international.
Italian brand VenturiArte is the embodiment of impeccable taste and outstanding quality. Salvador Dali used to collaborate with this artistic foundry for more than 15 years as the master considered them the best bronze casting workshop in Europe. Dali masterpieces were casted in Venturi foundry. 
Today VenturiArte is one of the most exceptional artistic foundries in the world
Luxurious hand-made collection Credan by the Spanish manufacturer CREDANSA holds a special place among the best of VIP products. Damask Art secrets combined with ancient techniques infuses all Credan items with a magic touch of antiquity and luxury.
Kings, princes, sheikhs, ambassadors and particularly prominent persons promptly become the loyal customers of CREDAN

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